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III V.V. Rovdo Open Choral Conductors Competiton

III V.V. Rovdo Open Choral Conductors Competiton

III V.V. Rovdo Open Choral Conductors Competiton will be held in Minsk organized by the Choral Conducting Chair in April 25–27, 2014. The competition aims to preserve and develop traditions of the national choral conductor's art, to encourage and support young, talented students of choral departments of secondary and high schools, awareness of educational community and promotion of choral conductor's profession, incorporation of current generation of conductors in the European music community. The Competition is open to pupils, students, graduates of educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus and foreign countries at 17–27 years of age. Applications will be accepted until March 31.

Communication and contacts: choirbgam@gmail.com

For more details see here in Russian

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