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Entry Conditions for Foreign Students

All the foreign students, who appeal for studies in our Academy, have to meet one-year course at the preliminary department, where they study Russian language and take a special course (instrument playing, singing, choir conducting) according to the specialization chosen. At the end of the preliminary course students pass through exams, the successful result of these are the condition for the entry to the further courses. Those, who didn't pass the exams successfully, will be proposed to repeat the preliminary course.

The main course (undergraduate) lasts for 5 years according to the complete curriculum proposed for Belarusian students. The Belarusian State Academy of Music proposes also one-year M.A. courses and three-year Ph.D. course (degree in musicology). Attention, please! Those who intend to apply for out Academy of Music, have to send a recent video (VHS or DVD made without editing) recording with the program, duration of it not less than 20 minutes.

Tuition fees:

Preliminary Dept.

1 year    

USD 4.900

Main course

5 years

USD 6.800–7.000
(depending on the specialty) per one year

M.A. course

1 year

USD 7.250

Ph. D. course

3 years

USD 6.950 per one year

Payment conditions. Students should pay 50 % of annual tuition fee before their studies begins.

Academy can propose also short-time specialized courses; duration and content is defined by agreement.

In order to appeal for study the candidate must send the following documents:

- general information about himself (free form), mentioning the surname, name, date of birth, specialty (in Russian or English);

- copy of diploma or certificate of education (for those who didn’t finish their studies for a moment of appellation), officially translated and juridically verified;

- list of marks for all the semesters of study, officially translated and juridically verified;

- copy of passport (for traveling abroad), officially translated and juridically verified.

After the evaluation of documents, in a case of admission the candidate receives the official invitation, which is necessary for obtaining the Belarusian visa.

While coming for studies, the student have to take with him the following additional documents:

- copy of invitation;

- copy of diploma, officially translated and juridically verified;

- list of marks for all the semesters of study, officially translated and juridically verified;

- medical sertificate;

- AIDS testing report;

- 6 photos (3 x 4);

- national passport with the entry visa to Republic of Belarus, copy of the passport should be translated in Russian and notarized.

All the expences by medical insurance and other services students meet themselves.

The academic year starts on the 1 September and is divided to two semesters (September–January, February–June) with the half-a-year exams in January and June.

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In a case of any questions, please, contact us any possible way.
Hmelevskaya Liubov Alekseevna
The Belarusian State Academy of Music
Internatsionalnaya str. 30, 126 room
220030, Minsk, Belarus
Phones: (+37517) 3212197
Fax: (+37517) 3285501
E-mail: international_st@tut.by
Web-site: www.bgam.edu.by

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